Career Flight Path

FlightPathThe work economy of 2020-50 will reward the agile and relevant.  To them will go the greatest impact and satisfaction.  Is this for the few and special?  No, this is for those that determine to be agile and relevant through the duration of their career.

One plan, six dimensions that start with a destination or vision of impact.  What kind of impact will you achieve with your life?  Will your impact be relevant in 10 years?  50 years?  Impact is an important concept – let it mean the impact to the market, resource sustainability, nature and environment, peace, meaning for a large segment of people, etc.

Equally important is the relevance of the impact over the long-term.  This is a function of the personal contribution to value creation.  What role will automation play to this space?  Will your personal contributions still be valued by customers?  How can you leverage automation for even greater value?  This projection either leaves you with doubts or something to aim at like a light from a star ported over time and distance calling you forth.

Time is both a limited resource and a mystery.  Time and the progress you make toward your destination is like water flowing to the lowest point it moves around objects, fast on steep includes and gradual or not at all on flats, but it will find the low spot like you will find your beam of light.

The other dimensions of a career FlightPath are current assets and unrealized assets.     Here are the potential career assets:

  • Education
    • Amount and
    • Relevance
  • Experience
    • Relevance
    • Durability
    • Breadth and
    • Depth
  •  Competency
    • Drive for results, perseverance
    • Learning agility
    • Influence
    • Collaboration
    • Critical thinking
    • Strategic thinking
    • Develop your self and others
  • Network
    • Thought leaders
    • Willing to open doors
    • Cultivating goodwill
  • Personal choices
    • Risk tolerance and accurate assessment
    • Moving to opportunity or exerting extraordinary effort to reach
    • Financial goals and controls
    • Physical and mental health
    • Relationship cultivation
    • Spiritual well-being

The plan is how do you deploy current assets to fullest advantage, strengthen unrealized ones and build a positive reputation and net worth.