ROI of FlightPath™ Coaching

Investing in talent management can feel good but achieving sustainable results takes integration. Integration with what you ask. Integration between a reason for action, a strategy, tactics and outcomes. Let me take each in turn.

  • A clear view of the critical business issue that were it to be solved would have a noticeable positive impact on results.
  • A strategy to address this that is uniquely suited for the organization’s core competence. Strategy in its simplest form is the answer to where to focus and how we can win? The ‘how’ always has a talent management aspect, for no change in direction comes without increased energy and the capability to break with the status quo.
  • A product of the strategy and tactics are the outcomes we aspire to achieve.
  • The tactics that fulfills the strategy and outcomes.

I like to think of this as pulling the thread between these four thoughts, doing so aligns our action with our purpose or vision.

FlightPath™ Coaching is both a part of a strategic response and tactics. Back to the original point, that all strategy has talent management implications. Betting on improving leadership capability to correct underperformance is a solid plan; be it revenue shortfall, cost mismanagement, or too many employees getting hurt at work. Bolting on Career Authority to deliver the coaching is a powerful tactic.

The power comes from a deep understanding of the individual, the business context and skilled coaching or improvement guidance. We estimate a four to one return of each dollar invested in FlightPath™ Coaching. The return comes from retaining and unleashing a more capable leader, and productivity which exponentially benefits the business based on the scope of the coachee’s role.

A leading indicator of hard, cold financials is our survey feedback from participants and sponsors (management and HR).

  • Survey response from participants on the question of ‘how positive are co-workers and managers responding to your efforts’, we get 5 out of 5 stars.
  • When we ask HR and their managers how they would rate participants based on recent results, on a five point scale we get on average of 4.75 ‘exceeding expectations significantly’.

Take a critical business issue set a strategy to address it, add a meaningful portion of talent management to the mix and voila – results and organizational effectiveness. Wherever we aim FlightPath™ Coaching results flow and leaves participants bolder for the rest of their careers.

If your organization needs a hand thinking through and executing a talent management strategy let us know.


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